Raising Hope - Main Theme   (rock)

The Girl's Guide To Depravity - Main Theme  (latin)

Old Spice "Truce" (80s piano ballad)

Produced for Marmoset

adidas - "Take Today - Demarco Murray" (suspense and powerful)

adidas - "Take Today - Joakim Noah"  (quiet and powerful)

OHSU  "Torchbearer" (spacey guitar anthem)

MINI "Night Riders"  (cinematic bigbeat rock)

Produced for Johnny Random

SunDrop "Zombie Apocalypse" (hair-metal hip-hop)

Produced for MassiveMusic

Juicy Drop "Pop"  (western showdown)

Produced for Mophonics

adidas - "Springblade" (epic hybrid orchestral)

Speed Stick "Canyon Swinging"  (extreme-sports rock)

Produced for GrooveGuild

Portland State University - "Knowledge Is..."   (quietly anthemic)

Secret "Three Dots"  (epic orchestral)

Produced for Marmoset

Tobacco-Free CA   (alt-country cover)

Produced for Blue Scout Music

Doom "Launch" (industrial metal)

Produced for CoPilot. Collab with Naren Rauch

Mercy Corps "We Are Mercy Corps" (uplifting anthem)

adidas "Creativity by Ally Love" (electro-pop)

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adidas "Creativity by Karlie Kloss" (chill electro)

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